PANELING. 2021’s biggest interior trend 

Professional Polish Painters Home Improvement Service is fully trained in wood paneling installation.Paneling is the ideal way to give your walls unique texture. A natural insulator, wood paneling added to a wall or ceiling brings warmth and an organic aesthetic to a space. Wood provides a timeless, yet inviting look that really stands out. We are offering installation of all types of panels currently available on the market.

1. Bead-board

The charming bead-board wood paneling style gives a welcoming look to a space. Can often be found in country homes, traditional cottages, farmhouses and beachfront properties. The beauty is that these type of panels can be used on the walls and your ceiling too! Commonly used for boxing in pipework or  as a splash-back in the kitchen or bathroom. With this type of panels the options are endless. 

2.Board and Batten

Board and batten wood paneling provides some additional dimensions and texture to a wall or ceiling, and gives a classic, sophisticated appearance to a space.  This type of paneling is often used in elegant dining rooms and corridors. Authentic board and batten is designed on real wood panels.They are considered as one of the more expensive paneling options.  High-quality materials also the skill and accuracy are extremely important to install this type of panels. Professional Polish Painters Home Improvement Service will gladly  help you to choose the right panels for your project.

3.Raised Panels

Known for its classic appearance, may conjure up images of aristocratic residences and colonial-style homes. Raised panels provide a distinct, elegant appearance that will make a space stand out.


When it comes to choosing the right types of paneling for your project Professional Polish Painters Home Improvement Service is here to guide you in the right direction.Add a wood trim to your wood paneling system to create a well-defined border. Ask our experts about decorative elements that can be used to help you create unique final effect of your project.



With Professional  Polish Painters Home Improvement Service these new panels are going to be a game-changer in South East region of Ireland ! Especially as the price including  material and installation by Professional Polish Painters Home Improvement Service is extremely reasonable. Ask our Customer Care and Quotation Manager for no obligation quotation. We still have few free slots for late autumn 2021, so don’t wait and book your paneling installation service now.