Durability for years. For Irish weather

We provide exterior painting services for residential and commercial properties.

The difference between painting the inside of a property and the outside of a property is that the outside is exposed to a constantly changing weather cycle.

For example, when our Quotation Manager sees bare wood, exposed deep cracks through the paint, he knows that the weather has already affected the wood, making it less resilient to the changes in temperature and moisture. All is not lost!

How do we salvage such situations? We use a tough filler and exterior decorator paint to bring the surface back to its best possible condition. However, that said if the wood has been exposed to the elements and moisture it goes without saying it’s not going to last as long as wood that has been treated and maintained since installation.

This is one of our latest exterior projects finished last year. As seen from the pictures the household has been exposed to weathering for many years, this has brought it to be overgrown with algae in form of red and green also spider webs and other forms of dirt you may notice in person. We in polish painters know the first step for a house in this shape is to perform a soft wash.(why not power wash? because the house is raw and power washing could potentially damage the external plaster power wash should only be used for driveways and footpaths or in some cases for old homes with lots of loose paint in preparation before painting in exterior project).


Soft wash consists of using high quality cleaning chemicals that will be sprayed over the house under a high temperature karcher and brushed thoroughly into it, these chemicals will start eating away at any algae and loosen up any form of dirt on your house . We then will proceed to wash the chemicals down with cold water and leave the house to dry fully until next day. We will then proceed to mask off and or cover all areas vulnerable to getting dirty with paint splash back eg. (footpath,windows,doors,roof tiles) we also caulk all window and door frames in assistance of masking tape leaving you with a sharp effect when finished instead of caulk all over your windows.


After all these procedures are looked after only then will we begin to start painting which in this case will take 3 coats minimum as the house is raw we also will use stabiliser on all window sills as they are most vulnerable to weathering.After a exterior project like this is finished we guarantee you a sharp, estetic and long-lasting effect which will bring a smile on your face when you look at the house of your dreams.


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